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Production Services


Committed To Hard Work & Doing Things The Right Way

Originating in the Permian and East Texas, Thunderbird Field Services has since expanded production capabilities into much of the Southern United States. We offer a support crew of over 75 field operators who provide a variety of services in field development, pipeline production, and maintenance.

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We build salt water disposal facilities, install poly and flow lines, hook up flow lines to wells and batteries, support start-ups, and perform field maintenance on facilities, carefully operating and executing in a way that ensures the foundation of a successful drilling expedition.


In addition, Thunderbird offers the following production and ongoing maintenance services for the duration of the project: 

  • Drone Surveillance

  • Tank Battery Maintenance

  • Remote Fluid Level Monitoring

  • Clean Water Management

  • Flowline Hook-up

  • Production Start-ups

  • Site Maintenance

  • Tank Cleaning

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Construction & Pipeline Services
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