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Construction and Pipeline Services:

Construction and Pipeline Services:


We provide everything on the operational and construction front from the initial dirt work to longterm water management. 


Once the well pad is constructed and the production facility is complete, our support crew confirms the efficiency of any system flows and production tanks using a combination of Thermal Energy and 3D Mapping. This allows us to easily identify any lagging infrastructure and areas that need improvement.






We routinely conduct tank battery installations and hook-ups, while the remainder of our crews are dedicated to maintenance activities for multiple operators.


Thunderbird also provides emergency response and repair as part of our field maintenance, as safety is one of our top priorities.


We offer the additional following Construction and Pipeline services:



Ensuring The Highest Quality Work Time and Time Again.

  • 811 management

  • Line Locating

  • Production Facilities Construction

  • Salt Water Disposal Facility Construction

  • Hydro-excavation

  • 3D Mapping

  • Thermal Energy

  • State-of-the-Art Drone Services

  • Pad Construction

  • Flow Rate Maintenance

  • Pipeline Construction

  • 3 Line Locate Crews

  • 3 Hydro Excavators

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