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Agriculture & Forestry


Dependable and reliable services wherever you are

Thunderbird Field Services plants and prunes pine tree in support of lumber production across the Pine Timber Belt. With a long family history in forestry, we formally entered the forestry industry in 2020.

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We combine deep forestry expertise and oil and gas service excellence to delivery a high quality service to our customers. Our supervisors are on-site, building relationships with foresters and other sub-contractors. We are available 24/7 and are able to quickly mobilize for planned and spot jobs.

We believe we earn tomorrow’s work today, and bring our field-proven work ethic, people,
processes, and equipment to produce your field at the lowest possible cost.


Agriculture & Forestry Services

  • Planting

  • Pruning

  • Pre-commercial thinning

  • Herbicide application

  • Road maintenance

  • Survival Assessment

  • Best Management Practices

    • Waterways

    • Harvesting loggers

    • Erosion control

    • Water quality control


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